Bodoni Campanile Pro is a font family that bridges the gap between a “fat” typeface and a compressed traditional serif typeface.  It was originally designed in 1936 by Robert H. Middleton for Ludlow.  International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF) exclusively licensed the family from Ludlow, and Steve Jackaman digitally engineered it in 1998.

Bodoni Campanile Pro, much like its transitional status as a font, is successful in both formal and casual roles.  The free-flowing aspects of the family, seen especially in the lowercase ‘g’ and the leg of the uppercase ‘R,’ give the family an air of elegance.

As with all new Red Rooster fonts, the family contains a 40% larger glyph set and improved designs.

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Bodoni Campanile Pro is a trademark of International TypeFounders, Inc.
©1998. International TypeFounders, Inc.