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Steelplate Gothic Pro is a sans serif font family with traditional and drop shadow weights.  It shares letterform similarities to conventional Copperplate Gothic families, but has no spur serif endings.

Most of the original designs came from the Western Type Foundry when BB&S acquired it in 1918; all were cut by Robert Wiebking.  It was recast in 1954 by American Type Founders (ATF).

Steve Jackaman (ITF) designed and produced a digital version of the original single weight in 1997.  In 2017, Jackaman completely redrew and expanded the family, adding entirely new condensed variants and true small caps.

Steelplate Gothic Pro has a masculine, industrial feel, and works effortlessly at display and subhead sizes.  It shares letterforms with its sans serif sister family, Barnsley Gothic.

ITF ‘Red Rooster Collection’ EULA 

License Steelplate Gothic Pro directly from ITF 

Steelplate Gothic Pro is a trademark of International TypeFounders, Inc.
©1993, 2017. International TypeFounders, Inc.