Fonts, any way you like them.


International TypeFounders, Inc. specializes in all facets of corporate type design, custom font design, mono and colorable logo font solutions, font production, and is one of the few companies that can provide delta hinting.  It provides OEM and special font licensing choices for clients of all sizes.  Our full list of services includes:

Corporate Type Design

Our bread and butter. In addition to licensing its extensive library, International TypeFounders builds new, beautiful fonts for your corporate ventures. Whether it be creating a typeface for a mom-and-pop dog-walking business or adding creative flair to a multi-national technology conglomerate’s identity, ITF is here to help.

Custom Font Design

Looking high and low, but can not quite find that particular font that your business deserves?  ITF offers custom font design services.

Mono and Colorable Logo Font Solutions

ITF is proud to present its newest branch, Logo Font Solutions.

LFS produces your company logo as a TrueType font, making your documents smaller in size while increasing logo clarity.  Our experts take your old, bit-mapped logo, update it into crisp vector format, and then use wizardry to turn it into a font.

No matter who uses your logo font in the company, you can always rest assured that your logo aspect ratio remains the same and keeps crystal-clear quality at any size.  We can even handle fonts with complex color combinations and gradations.

Get in touch via LFS or our contact form to streamline your logo today!

Font Production

Kerning stressing you out?  Glyph curves not as smooth as you would like?  ITF covers all aspects of font production, and can make your next font stand out from the rest.

Delta Hinting

Looking for your fonts to retain high clarity and legibility on any digital platform?
Delta hinting, also known as font hinting or instructing, is the use of mathematical instructions to adjust font outlines to match a rasterized grid.  Many fonts have automatic hinting for general uses, but ITF manually hints its commercial fonts to provide the sharpest appearance on computer screens.


OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and refers to companies who resell another company’s product under their own name and branding.  ITF examines, refines, and expands font data to ensure that you can provide your clients with font software that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Special Font Licensing

Is your usage not listed in our offered licensing choices?  There is a good chance that the usage requires a Special Font License, and we are here to help.  If you are unsure of how to proceed in obtaining one of these Licenses, or have questions about the requirements, please contact us.