Jubilee is a glyphic font family with moderate stress, slightly inclined serifs, and storied history.

Its original design was created in 1934 by famous English type designer Eric Gill for the Stephenson Blake type foundry.  The development name was “Gill Text,” but this was changed to “Cunard” once the famous steamship company showed interest in using the typeface.  The company, however, decided not to utilize it.

Stephenson Blake changed the name to Jubilee in 1935 to commemorate George V and Queen Mary’s Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary announcement.

After International TypeFounders, Inc. acquired the exclusive rights to the Stephenson Blake collection, Paul Hickson (P&P Hickson) and Steve Jackaman (ITF) revived the family exclusively for the Red Rooster Collection in 1994.  A new, Medium weight was created to accompany the original Light and Bold weights.

Jubilee has an inscribed, Renaissance feel, and performs well at all sizes.  Its letterforms are sturdy, yet there is an undeniable delicacy to the face.

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Jubilee is a trademark of International TypeFounders, Inc.
©1994. International TypeFounders, Inc.