Jeeves is a script font family designed by Hal Taylor.  It was redrawn and produced by Steve Jackaman (ITF) and Ashley Muir in 2009.

Taylor writes of his inspiration, saying:

“The inspiration for Jeeves came from Leslie Carbarga’s wonderful book ‘LETTERHEADS, One Hundred Years of Great Design, 1850-1950.’  It was based on a secondary type usage for the letterhead for Sutherland in New York.  The rest of the letterhead had features that were more typical of the Art Deco period, but this script added a touch of timeless elegance.  The font is loaded with a plethora of extra glyphs, ligature characters and OpenType features.”

ITF ‘Red Rooster Collection’ EULA 

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Jeeves is a trademark of International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF).
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