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Steve Jackaman

Steve Jackaman is a British typographer and font designer with over forty years of experience, based in Pennsylvania, USA.  Jackaman has had prolific success in the type and graphic arts industry, and has owned studios in London, Los Angeles, Boston, and Philadelphia.

He currently operates International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF), a font foundry specializing in all facets of corporate digital type design and production, historical type revivals, and font software licensing.  ITF owns the Red Rooster Collection, which features original typeface designs and numerous exclusively licensed font collections.

Some of his past and present clients include: Apple, Bank of England, BBC News, BMW, British Airways, British Leyland, British Petroleum (BP), Calvin Klein, Campbell’s, Clinique, Disney, Dr. Seuss, Ford Motor Company, Kraft, Kubota, London Transport, Mars, Microsoft, Nike, Nissan, Penguin Books, Polydor Records, QVC, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Saab, Sprint, Toyota, Virgin Hotels, and Volvo.

Some of his favorite typefaces include:

Carlingtown Casablanca Clydesdale
Coliseum Connemara Creighton
Grand Canyon Iron Maiden Megaphone
Motorcross Pro Packard New Style Phosphate
Shortwave Gothic Torpedo

Les Usherwood / Typsettra

Les Usherwood was a British typographer who began his career as a lettering artist.  He and his wife emigrated to Toronto, Canada via the RMS Queen Mary in 1957, and started Typsettra with David Thomason in 1968.  The company specialized in providing typographic layouts, text typesetting, custom lettering, and original typeface design.

Usherwood created over 200 faces, and the Red Rooster Collection is proud to publish some of the very best of his work, including:

Administer TC Alexon Argus
Beckenham Century New Style Chelsea
Claremont Elston Equestrienne
Extension Goudy 38 Kingsley
Kingsrow Lesmore Maximo
Stanhope Sycamore Waverly

Les Usherwood passed away at the height of his career in 1983; he was 51.  The Advertising & Design Club of Canada named their annual lifetime achievement award after him, and Usherwood was the first-ever recipient.

Ludlow Collection

Ludlow Typograph Company was a graphic arts equipment company known for producing the Ludlow Typograph typesetting system, which was used in letterpress printing.  Ludlow also employed notable typographers to create its proprietary typefaces, including Robert Hunter Middleton and Robert Wiebking.  The company was hurt by the sharp decline in letterpress printing in the 1960’s, but found that rubber stamp manufacturers still had use for the Ludlow matrices.  Ludlow Typograph Company continued operations at least until the mid-1980’s.

International TypeFounders, Inc. exclusively licensed the Ludlow Collection in 1995.  The Red Rooster Collection is proud to include the following fonts from Ludlow Typograph Co.:

Bodoni Black Condensed Bodoni Campanile Caslon Extra Condensed
Chamfer Gothic Coronet Florentine Cursive
Garamond (Ludlow) Gothic Medium Condensed Hauser Script
Karnak Radiant Railroad Gothic
Tempo Medium Grunged Ultra Modern

Techni-Process (TP) Collection

Techni-Process was a typesetting house in New York City.  Its founder, Sam Ardell, created many beautiful fonts solely for TP that are still in use to this day.  The company had franchises in Toronto and Philadelphia.

International TypeFounders, Inc. exclusively licensed the entirety of the TP collection in 1991, and produced these fonts for the Red Rooster Collection:

Block Gothic Extra Condensed Canterbury Old Style Consort
Europa Grotesque Faust Hancock
Hess Old Style Pall Mall Phosphate
Schiller Antiqua Silverado Sphinx
Superba Veronese

Stephenson Blake, Ltd.

Stephenson Blake & Co., Ltd was a type foundry that has roots dating back to 1477, when it was owned by William Caxton.  It gained its name when it was founded in 1818 by William Garnett and John Stephenson, with the help of financier James Blake.  The company underwent many mergers and acquisitions; it generated a respectable portfolio of typefaces by creating them in-house, licensing faces from other foundries, or acquiring other foundries outright.  It was the largest type foundry in the British empire.

International TypeFounders, Inc. exclusively licensed the entirety of the Stephenson Blake portfolio in 1992, including:

Basuto Dominus Elongated Roman
Jubilee Keyboard

In 2005, Stephenson Blake, Ltd. shed its typographic equipment entirely and turned to focus on engineering industrial tools and metal manufacturing.  The equipment was acquired by the Type Museum in London.

Robert D. DeLittle

Robert Duncan DeLittle was an English typographer from the city of York.  In 1888, Mr. DeLittle founded a wood type manufacturing company called the R. D. DeLittle Eboracum Letter Factory; the name “Eboracum” came from the Roman name for DeLittle’s native city.

At the turn of the century, the company moved to a new location on Vine Street, off Bishopthorpe Road, and renamed itself to the “Robert DeLittle Wood Printers Type Manufacturer.”  DeLittle also cut wood type for Stephenson Blake starting in the 1940’s.  The company ceased operation in 1998, a hundred years after its inception; the Type Museum in London now contains the DeLittle archives and machinery.

In 2017, International TypeFounders created a digital font called Sandbox, which was based on designs from DeLittle’s #260 series.

Face Collection

Face Photosetting, Ltd. was a type production studio in London that was founded by John McConnell and Chris Dubber in May of 1963.  The studio was one of the largest and most successful photolettering studios of the 1970’s and 80’s, and had hundreds of exclusive typefaces in its collection.  Face operated studios in four locations: London and Manchester, England; Paris, France; and Sydney, Australia.

Steve Jackaman worked at Face in both the original studios located on Newman Street and their later offices at Hanway Place.  The Red Rooster Collection features a few newly-redrawn typefaces based on designs from the Face Collection, including:

El Paso Javelin Messe Grotesque
Razor Bill  Roller

P+P Hickson

P+P Hickson is a husband-and-wife design team located in the UK.  Pat and Paul have worked at many well-known studios, such as Letraset, Face Photosetting, and Quick Brown Fox (QBF).

In the early 1990’s the Hicksons were contracted to produce several typefaces exclusively for the Red Rooster Collection, including:

Alys Script Badger Basset
Basuto Coliseum Dundee
Erasmus Forum Titling Gilmore Fahrenheit
Gilmore Sans Ex Bold Ex Cond Titling Grove Script Honduras
Inverness Javelin Jubilee
Keyboard Leighton Lesmore
Poor Richard Rivoli Initials Roller
Sinclair Script Stanhope Stirling

Hal Taylor

Hal Taylor is a typographer/illustrator.  He worked at Stallone Typography in Philadelphia, and then went on to teach typography and design at Drexel University and Burlington County College.

Taylor worked together with designer John Langdon, and the two created Flexion, which was originally designed for “The Davinci Code” movie.  The typeface won “Best New Font” from the Type Directors Club in 2007, and was featured in the TDC2 Type Directors Club’s “Typography 28” publication.

The Red Rooster Collection features several exclusive fonts from Mr. Taylor, including:

Flexion Jeeves Wells Grotesque

Darren Scott

Darren Scott is a typographer from Manchester, England.  He developed his love for type while he was studying Graphic Design at Salford University.

In 1995, Scott created Darren Scott Typographics (DST) as a side project after designing the face “Berlin[er]” for the digital typography magazine “FUSE 15.”  Scott founded his own creative consultancy, Truth, in 2006 after spending 10 years working as a Designer/Art Director for McCann-Erickson in Manchester.

In 2004, International TypeFounders worked with Mr. Scott and published a new, redrawn, exclusively-licensed version of Mechanic Gothic DST for the Red Rooster Collection.

John Howard Crook

John Howard Crook is an independent font designer who created designs that ended up in the Visual Graphics Corporation (VGC) portfolio.  When VGC ceased operations, International TypeFounders signed an exclusive agreement with Mr. Crook to license his typefaces for use in the Red Rooster Collection.  Two notable typefaces produced by Mr. Crook are Ortem and Nordia.

Tony Mayers

Tony Mayers was a British typographer who held the position of Managing Director at highly successful Quick Brown Fox Company (QBF), UK.  Mayers’ career began in London’s West End, where he practiced film title production and photolettering.

Mayers formed ABC Types.  International TypeFounders, Inc. exclusively licensed Mayers’ collection prior to his death.

Phil Martin

Phil Martin was an American typographer from Dallas, Texas.  Martin founded Alphabet Innovations in 1969 and TypeSpectra in 1974, and together these companies designed and produced over four hundred fonts.

International TypeFounders, Inc. produced the digital version of Jolly Roger, a typeface that Martin described to his friend Steve Jackaman as one of his most “original designs.”

Alessandro Segalini

Alessandro Segalini is a designer from Piacenza, Italy.  He currently teaches Art and Design at Binghamton University, is a typographer for Contra Mundum Press, and is the co-founder for ISType, a workshop series dedicated to promoting typographic literacy in Turkey.

International TypeFounders, Inc. worked with Mr. Segalini to craft the Hemingway font family, which was inspired by the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Miller Hemingway.  The typeface was selected for the UK Creative Review Type Annual in 2011, under the Display category.

Foster & Horton

Foster & Horton was a type foundry based in Santa Barbara, California.  Bill Horton designed typefaces for the now-defunct foundry, many of which appeared in the International TypeFounders CDs in the 1990’s.

When Foster&Horton ceased operation 2003, ITF acquired all rights to the collection.

Arthur Baker

Arthur Baker is a calligrapher, designer, and author. Baker was born on the west coast of the United States, but now resides in New England.  He published numerous books on the subjects of calligraphy and design, and designed his own pens and brushes.

International TypeFounders, Inc. licensed Baker Signet and Baker Danmark from Mr. Baker.  Baker Signet gained international fame after Coca-Cola used the bold weight in their logo.